Stock Barn in mid 1960's

MidState Producers

On May 23, 1966, the Mid State Producers, Inc. was formed. One of the objectives was to construct a livestock marketing facility. The organization borrowed money from the Farmers Home Administration to buy land and construct the market. The barn has served a useful purpose throughout the years. During the 80’s, the Market was know as an elite feeder pig market in the state before the feeder pig market demographics changed. When the State  had numerous dairy operations, the Market served as a Middle Tennessee hub for dairy heifer replacements.

The restaurant has been an icon for good country cooking, with many town folks meeting at the “sale barn” for lunch. With its’ humble beginning in the mid-sixties, the Market has served the County as a viable option to market their livestock.

Individuals which took a leadership role in the construction of the Market were; Jerry Ogden, Loyd Young, Joe D. Davenport, W.L. Richardson, J. L. Parton Jr., Lehman Mitchell, Kenneth Parker, C.W. Wilcher, Griffin Ferrell, John B. Travis, Ray Fann Taylor Willard, T.N. Northcutt, Hershel Tenpenny, Cecil Gannon and Clayton Glenn.

The Mid-State Producers Board of Directors oversee the facility and grounds of the Woodbury Livestock Market. The property is currently leased to Steve Anderson.

Woodbury TN