special announcement

Change in Sale Day Schedule

It’s no secret just how bad the cattle market has become!

We’ve seen it a lot worse and hopefully we’ll see it better soon.

With prices off 50% or more it’s been a hard blow to livestock markets all across the state and ours is no exception! Most Tennessee markets charge commission based on gross sales as we do. It doesn’t take a genius to do that math! We have to sell more than double the cattle we were selling two years ago to make the same money!

Starting in November of 2016:

Regular Tuesday Sales will be on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month at 2:00 pm.

We will continue to receive cattle on Monday’s from 1:00 to 6:00 pm prior to the first and third Tuesday Sale.

We hope this change will allow us to continue to operate and provide you with a fair and alternative marketing option that works for everyone. We understand that this will be confusing at times and plan on trying to develop a calendar to mail with the 2017 dates on it.

We appreciate and value your business and friendship and our families goal is to continue to help you market your livestock.

Steve and Maria Anderson
Brian, Kyla, Turner, Tana, and Josie Harville